Hi, my name is Roee Elisha and this is my online academy for
creative development

I’m a geographer, photographer, storyteller, life coach, and an inspirational speaker.

I live and breathe the world of creativity. It has become my second nature. 
In the past 6 years I have helped hundreds of individuals, from kindergarten teachers to cyber experts and businessmen to become problem solvers, flexible thinkers and creative team players. I invite you to join them!

Why creativity?

Creativity is the fuel that inspires, generates value and brings ideas to life. It strengthens teamwork, boosts innovation and increases involvement.

That’s why it’s the most in-demand soft-skill in the

21st century

Tapping into our creativity improves self-confidence, builds resilience, provides a sense of belonging and generates energy.

Creative mindset is not just the privilege of successful people, geniuses, or artists. It is an acquired skill that can be nurtured through training.

And that's where I come in:

To feed you with inspiration, and develop your creative skills.

You can expect to:

  • Build resilience & improve your boldness. 
  • Learn out-of-the box. thinking methods.
  • Become a problem-solver.  
  • Adapting easier to changes.
  • Learn to develop effective communication.

So whether you want to change direction and start something new, refuel your ambitions or find new opportunities within existing work environments, you have come to the right place.

I will take you on inspirational journey in which you will feel energized, excited and eager to make the changes you need in your life or work. I will equip you with the necessary tools and stimulate your growth. 

Click any of the courses to read more about the course.

"Roee Elisha is one of those guys who is meant to connect: between fields, topics and people.
The inspirational talk Roee gave to the National Geographic team was fascinating, original and thought provoking. I warmly recommend Roee’s talks".
Idit Elnatan,
Editor in Chief,
National Geographic Magazine

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FOCUS Series

For those who are more goal-focused and less process-oriented, I've "sliced" the quest and offer the series FOCUS.

Would you like to know how your imagination contributes to your creative growth? Take the FOCUS course on imagination.

How about learning about the relationship between intuition and creativity? Focus on your intuition.

Feeling tired and uninspired? Focus on the passion course and learn how to feed your passion so it can feed you back.

Are you ready to FOCUS?