Innovation and creative breakthroughs are highly related to your willingness to learn new things.

As an open-minded person, you will constantly generate new learning habits, as you let your senses receive information from the surroundings.

Open mindedness is your key to change habits, break dull routines towards a more out of the box living style.

An open-minded approach is a muscle in your perception; it grows with practice.

I invite you to learn and train!

When you come open minded to a business meeting, conversation, event or a lesson, you immediately boost your chance to learn something new

Hi my name is Roee Elisha

I’m a geographer, photographer, storyteller, life coach, and an inspirational speaker.

I live and breathe the world of creativity. It has become my second nature. 
In the past 6 years I have helped hundreds of individuals, from kindergarten teachers to cyber experts and businessmen to become problem solvers, flexible thinkers and creative team players.

I invite you to join them!

Roee Elisha is one of those guys who is meant to connect: between fields, topics and people.

The inspirational talk Roee gave to the National Geographic team was fascinating, original and thought provoking. The result was a fun and surprising meet-up. I warmly recommend Roee’s talks.

Idit Elnatan,
Editor in Chief,
National Geographic Magazine Israel 

Thrive in your work environment

Sharpen your creative instinct

Develop your boldness

How will you learn it?

  • I am a storyteller, which means that you will be hearing lots of stories with creative insights and practical morals.
  • I am a photographer, which means that if you are a visual learner, you will enjoy a good number of compelling images that will spark your imagination. 
  • I am an inspirational speaker, which means that you will enjoy the benefits of Ted- like talks on your personal screen. 
  • I am a multidisciplinary geographer, which means you will be exposed to out-of-the-box practices and thinking styles from different fields and times.

Roee Elisha spoke at our recent Mount Scopus ELC conference on the topic of creativity. The teachers found his presentation inspiring. It was a great provocation for us to think beyond creativity as personal expression and allowed us to make connections with ideas about creativity as a thinking and feeling process. Many messages resonated with us, such as how to create movement in thought, to think of many points of view as well thinking through metaphor and analogy….all things we work with on a daily basis with young children.

Shana Upiter, ELC Coordinator

Mount Scopus Memorial College, Melbourne Australia

The workshop certainly allowed me to take a look at our business from a different perspective. It has given me the opportunity to review my approach to challenges and ways things could be done to achieve personal, team, and business goals/objectives...

Andrew Mill, Regional Sales Manager
algosec- Security Management At the Speed of Business, Australia

More about me

Early in my career, I worked with the Israeli army to develop a novel night-time taskforce with the military’s K9 dogs unit.

​I gained 15 years of international experience in Environmental Management, working across a vast range of industries in the private, non-for profit and the public sectors. 

Among my clients are the European Commission, National Geographic Magazine Israel, Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce, USAID, the Israeli government, General Assembly, Algosec, Tel-Aviv University, and others.

I have also been responsible for initiating the Australia Israel Enviro-Tech Hub with the Australian Government.

​​​​​I hold an M.A. in Environmental Studies and a B.A. in Geography and Human Environment, from two of the leading universities in Israel.

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